Coolaroo 16ft Triangle Shade Sail Review

Coolaroo make products that do exactly what the name suggests, keep you cool when the temperature outside is hot enough to cook an egg on the roof of your car! They make a wide range of products, but one of the most popular is the shade sail, and today we are looking at the Coolaroo Triangle Shade Sail, the 16ft version to give you lots of shade to enjoy.

We all know we should stay out of the sun, particularly during the fierce midday period when the sun is at its strongest. Yet we all also like to be out in the sun, and some sun is actually good for us and helps our body to create vitamin D, but we don’t want to get sunburnt and we don’t want to stay out if the temperature is too high. You could buy a sun umbrella, but they tend to get blown about, look shabby after about 6 months and just generally get in the way, gazebos are just as much hassle as you have to keep putting them up and taking them down.

That’s why a shade sail which is fixed securely up out of the way can be a real breath of fresh air when you want to spend some time in your garden. The Coolaroo 16ft Triangle Shade Sail looks fantastic, you can get it in either a sandy yellow color or a luscious green, and the quality of the material is excellent (plus it is mold and mildew resistant which is important for any outdoor items). Plus the triangle shape looks fantastic and adds to the aesthetics of your backyard, rather than dominating it like the square one can.

The reviews for it on Amazon are fantastic, you can see some of them below, and it blocks 90% of that harmful UV radiation, while dropping the temperature of the area it is protecting by nearly a third!

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Here is what some of the people who have purchased the Coolaroo 16ft Triangle Shade Sail are saying:

"Exactly as described, delivered when expected, excellent quality"

"Great product. It’s very well made and easy to install. What a difference it has made in cooling down our deck area from the hot afternoon sun. It lets plenty of air and light through and looks nice. We’ve received tons of compliments and comments on how cool it is underneath"

"Excellent product. I bought one last year and decided to add a second one this year for more shade"

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This concludes our Coolaroo 16ft Triangle Shade Sail review, hopefully you have found it useful, but if you are still unsure about what to choose then head on over to and browse through their full range of shade sails now.